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Parallels Adds Virtualization To HP Moonshot Servers

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Parallels announced the availability of its Parallels Cloud Server virtualization solution for HP Moonshot servers. The new server virtualization solution provides some unique capabilities designed specifically for the HP Moonshot server.

HP's Moonshot line of servers is designed to use low power chips, reduce cost, and save space in data centers. According to HP, the Moonshot server takes up about one-eighth the space, uses up to 89% less energy and costs 77% less than traditional x86 servers.

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Moonshot servers are CPU agnostic and include a scalable fabric, which earned it the title of a software-defined server. The anticipated use for HP's Moonshot servers has been in social media, web hosting, and web service data centers.

The Parallels Cloud Server is a virtualization solution that includes Parallels Containers, Parallels Cloud Storage, and Parallels Hypervisor. Parallels Containers operating system allows up to five virtual servers to be run per Moonshot cartridge. According to Parallels, its Cloud Server solution "delivers high-performance, high-efficiency Parallels Containers virtualization that advances the utilization and performance of HP Moonshot servers. The unique operating system virtualization of Parallels Containers enables it to provide cost-effective, virtual servers on HP Moonshot."

Although Parallels mentions its integration with HP's Moonshot server, one of the key features of its Cloud Storage solution is that there are no special hardware requirements and it can be built on commodity hardware. That also fits in with HP's intent to design a commodity low cost server solution for data centers.

"With HP Moonshot, we are committed to helping enterprises and service providers address emerging web and analytics workloads while keeping energy, costs and data center space to a minimum. Parallels server virtualization solution for HP Moonshot enables us to provide increased value to our customers by improving workload performance and advancing memory management capabilities," stated Paul Santeler, Vice President and General Manager of HP Moonshot, HP.

Parallels Cloud Server is available with either Parallels Containers for Linux or Parallels Hypervisor. The Hypervisor version allows customers to use a variety of operating systems. The Cloud Server features Distributed Cloud Storage that Parallels states can provide SAN-like storage without having to purchase a SAN.

Parallels Summit 2014 will be held February 24-26 in New Orleans. HP will be demonstrating Parallels Containers running on HP Moonshot servers that will include HP ProLiant m300 server cartridges at the event.