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Pertino Simplifies & Automates WAN-Based VPC with SDN

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

As software defined networking propagates across the enterprise market, one company is taking a unique, practical approach to deploying and automating virtual private networks in the cloud. Pertino is a network as a service platform that allows you to extend virtual private clouds (VPC) over a WAN without the need for virtual or physical appliances.

Announced today, the Pertino Cloud Network Engine connects users and remote servers to different public cloud providers and servers in different regions. It works with any private or public cloud infrastructure, including hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios.

"We make the networking part of cloud computing as easy as spinning up new servers," Scott Hankins, Pertion’s CTO told Tom's IT Pro. Read: Intro to Software Defined Networking & OpenFlow

The Cloud Network Engine allows you to connect your end users' devices, including mobile ones, to your applications in a secure and transparent way, even if they're behind a corporate firewall or in the cloud. The SDN tool essentially provides a secure "LAN-like" link between the devices from anywhere, with end-to-end encryption.

The solution is also much simpler to deploy and automate than traditional VPN solutions; it requires no configuration, according to the product page, and no hardware or software to install or maintain. "No need to enter a single IP address, or worry about routing or configuring firewall rules, security certificates, DHCP, DNS or NAT."

Administrators can spin up networks through a cloud management console in just minutes; the console allows them to manage end users and devices, setup and manage policies and access reports on user activity. In turn, end users log into the service through the Pertino app which then routes them to the appropriate network, giving them access to the files and applications that they need.

"Using Pertino, I can spin-up cloud environments in minutes using any combination of private and public cloud servers needed to support my workloads," said Nick Antone, director of information systems at ESN. "Since Pertino allows me to build and reconfigure VPCs instantly, I can adjust cloud environments on the fly, so there's no wasted resources."

This makes Pertino particularly suited for DevOps environments that require spinning up hundreds of cloud instances to meet workload demands. "Pertino was built from the ground-up to serve today's mobile and cloud environments with ease of use and programmatic automation with Chef and Puppet," said Hankins.

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