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Pivotal: World's First Multi-Cloud Enterprise PaaS; Verizon To Contribute

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On Tuesday, Pivotal Labs, a subsidiary of EMC, announced the upcoming availability of its multi-cloud Pivotal One solution that is designed to help businesses develop enterprise scale, platform as a service (PaaS) applications, using Pivotal's version of VMware's open source Cloud Foundry PaaS platform.

Pivotal One is a set of application and data services that run on Pivotal CF (Pivotal's distribution of Cloud Foundry). The Pivotal One release includes integrated tools that allow developers to more easily, and quickly, develop applications that will manage big data using Hadoop services and visual analytics using Pivotal AX.

Pivotal states that developers will be able to scale applications and expand or upgrade the application with no downtime across both private and public clouds. The Pivotal One PaaS developed applications would not be tied to a specific infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform and the Cloud Foundry stack (prebuilt file system, OS, etc.) could be installed either onsite or, theoretically, as part of an IaaS offering such as OpenStack or Amazon Web Services.

The Pivotal CF enterprise platform includes the following tools:

  • Pivotal CF Elastic Runtime Service is the core service of the PaaS. This runtime service supports multiple language and runtimes including Java and Ruby on Rails and other frameworks and languages that run on Linux. 
  • Pivotal CF Operations Manager integrates the IaaS with the PaaS to allow updates and patches to the PaaS without downtime or service interruption.
  • Pivotal HD Service allows developers to use Hadoop as a native Pivotal CF service.  To reduce some of the development overhead associated with security, networking, and resource management connected to using Hadoop, the developer can use the Service Broker so applications can bind to this HD service automatically and assign capacity in Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), a database in HAWQ, and a resource queue in YARN.  
  • Pivotal AX Service is an integrated analytics software package for querying and data visualization.
  • Pivotal RabbitMQ Service is an application for handling messages for applications running on Pivotal CF and, using Service Broker, with applications running outside of Pivotal CF.
  • Pivotal MySQL Service can be used to create MySQL databases for development purposes and can be for rapid creation of database driven web services.
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In a related announcement on Tuesday, from both Pivotal and Verizon, Verizon announced that it was joining the Cloud Foundry Advisory Board to help speed up the adoption of Cloud Foundry by developers and businesses.  As part of the deal, Verizon signed a community contributor license agreement (CCLA) and committed an unnamed number of engineering resources to the Cloud Foundry project.  It would be a reasonable assumption that some of those resources will be helping to continue to improve the Pivotal One suite.

According to the announcement, "Verizon is developing an ecosystem of enterprise technologies that will be specifically built to run on Verizon's new infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform." It appears that Verizon sees Pivotal and Cloud Foundry as a viable and worthwhile project and wants to help it build momentum.  Verizon also used this occasion to mention that its cloud offering would be in public beta in the fourth quarter of this year so in the event any enterprises are planning to park Pivotal One developed PaaS applications outside their enterprises, Verizon would have available space.

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