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Portworx Announces Container Aware Storage Platform

By - Source: Portworx

Portworx, announced at DockerCon 15, is a new infrastructure layer to the container story. PWX, a container-aware infrastructure platform, lays on top of the infrastructure and presents itself to Docker in a way that allows containers to take advantage of features such as snapshots and storage policies.

Portworx looks to improve data persistence and management of containers in the enterprise. Through Portworx PWX, Docker containers can be run directly on the storage infrastructure and can persist either on machines in the datacenter or in the cloud. By acting as a management layer on top of the infrastructure, storage can be presented directly to containers. This enables automation and administration of that storage in a way that's consistent with Docker, speeding up the deployment and scaling of production applications.

DevOps can not only provision storage during initial creation of the container, but can then increase the storage quota for a specific container through automation. Another important feature of PWX is its ability to scale out a container across multiple nodes. By abstracting the storage infrastructure, storage snapshots and replication are likewise made available to containers.

Containers are a type of virtualization in which an application is isolated from other containers running on the same operating system image. By leveraging containers, application incompatibilities are minimized and storage space is saved by not having to process each isolated application in a separate virtual machine. Not only does this save space on the disk, but RAM and CPU are also less utilized by containers. Because each container is sharing the same OS kernel, containerized applications can start instantly and use far less RAM when compared to running the application in a separate VM.

Portworx PWX is currently running a developer playground in Amazon Web Services, with invites expected to arrive in July. General availability for the Portworx PWX is expected around the end of summer.