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Will PRISM Change Your Cloud Agenda?

Will PRISM Change Your Cloud Agenda?

As we continue to digest the news surrounding the uncovered data collection programs that now apparently span at least the U.S., British, and French governments, and as we are still speculating what the potential impact on organizations may be, the assessment of a potential threat posed by the programs to your organization is part of due diligence of your daily IT business. It does not take much to predict that more questions will be asked -- and that IT will have to answer those questions even under conditions that are unlikely to provide the full extent of government-controlled data collection programs. Do data collection programs put your organization at risk?

The scenario that is developing around former NSA contractor Edward Snowden surely has entertainment and educational value from several political angles. However, the damage caused by the existence of the PRISM and Tempora programs have impact that extends far beyond the political world stage. If we disregard the blame game whether Snowden is at fault for the shockwave that is rocking our sense of data security that we can control, there is a new reason for concern in IT how to safeguard your most important data. These concerns directly affect business strategies that have been part of the most critical growth areas of IT, and hope for revenues for hundreds of billions of dollars around the globe: At the very least, PRISM and Tempora will require some additional brain and leg work for your big data, BYOD, and public/hybrid cloud approaches.

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