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Slideshow: Privacy Regulations and Frameworks Illustrated

Slideshow: Privacy Regulations and Frameworks Illustrated
The Business of IT Compliance

Whose job is it to keep the auditors at bay? In many organizations, the answer isn’t clear, but the number of information security-related obligations (to government agencies and other groups) continues to grow with each passing year. It seems that each industry--health care, nuclear energy, retail--faces its own privacy-related problem set and obstacle course filled with flaming hoops and tightropes in the form of compliance regulations and government-dictated policy frameworks and standards. Even if regulatory compliance isn’t directly part of your job description, we think it pays to keep an eye on this moving target. Odds are that protocols are in the works right now to help your industry enforce responsible and stringent privacy controls--either that, or your company already contributes to the many billions of dollars spent each year on help from third-party compliance firms. Consider this an introductory guide to the current information security and privacy regulation landscape.

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