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Slideshow: CES 2013 - Noteworthy Announcements for the Enterprise

Slideshow: CES 2013 - Noteworthy Announcements for the Enterprise
CES: The E is For Enterprise

A couple of months after the biggest show in tech, it’s never been more clear that CES should consider adding an E to its moniker, for it is truly the Consumer and Enterprise Electronics Show. In 2013, there is really no distinction to be made: the Bring Your Own Device movement is in full swing, and every “consumer” device demonstrated on the show floor could very well show up in the hands of the employees you support. So, too, will the mainstream platforms touted by the biggest vendors. For example, Windows 8 touchscreen devices will be everywhere, and your team will inevitably be deploying and troubleshooting them. The new Tegra 4 mobile processor from Nvidia will change the way employees use their mobile devices at home and at work--you’ve got to anticipate that. More than 20,000 products were unveiled during the show this year--here’s a small sampling of CES announcements that deserve to be on your radar.

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