Best Computer Programming Certifications for 2014

Best Computer Programming Certifications for 2014

These days, computer programming certifications are as much about development platforms and environments as they are about specific programming languages. Whether you're choosing a language-specific or platform-oriented credential, it's worth looking at our best 5 programming certs for IT pros.

Anthropologists reckon that humans around the globe speak somewhere between six and seven thousand distinct languages, with a number around 6,700 appearing most frequently in online sources. Nobody has conducted an exhaustive survey of all of the computer programming languages in use around the world, but other more focused studies are available.

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Best IT Certifications for 2014

The studies include the US Department of Defense "Survey of Computing Languages" (aka DoD Language Survey) conducted in 1995, which identified no fewer than 450 programming languages in use in various weapons and automated information systems in the 1970s, with 37 total languages recounted as part of the 1995 survey of languages in use for weapons systems. At any rate, some number from hundreds to thousands of such languages appears both reasonable and defensible, depending on the types of systems and applications under consideration.

In this certification guide we provide you with our top 5 programming certifications for IT professionals. You'll find an interesting mix of language-focused or language-specific credentials available -- such as the Sun/Oracle Java and the Zend PHP certs --  as well as various platform-oriented credentials like those from Microsoft which stress Visual Studio, .NET, and other platform technologies along with programming languages such as Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual F#, Visual Basic, and Jscript) and Adobe (which stress its many content creation and development tools such as DreamWeaver, Flash, PhotoShop, and so forth, along with ColdFusion, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, and other interactive Web- and application-based toolsets).

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