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Promise Server Solution Tackles Dropbox-Like File Sync

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Promise Technology has introduced a new on-premises cloud storage solution for multi-platform use. The solution, FileCruiser, targets small- to large-sized enterprises with features such as cross-platform file syncing, fine-tuned data access and management, and scale-out capabilities. Read: How to Secure Your File Sharing and Sync Process

"With FileCruiser we're not only offering Dropbox-like services, but also building in enterprise level security in a platform that is designed to be deployed as a private cloud to deliver the highest level of protection," according to James Lee, CEO of Promise Technology.

FileCruiser's feature set makes it ideal for on-premises BYOD environments. According to Promise, the solution features an accompanying mobile application for both iOS and Android devices that acts as a fairly powerful file syncing tool. IT admins may set limits to file sizes or types of files accessible through the app as well. All files are synced across an entire account, meaning users may access their accounts files from any FileCruiser enabled device.

Based on Ubuntu Server, FileCruiser also allows a certain amount of control with how files are shared with other team members. When a user uploads a file to the on-premises server it creates a download link that can be password protected or have an expiration date. Users may also set individual access privileges to files they control on an account-by-account basis.

In terms of security features, all files are encrypted using a 256-bit AES encryption, and remote wipe and 2-factor authentication are available; and FileCruiser supports Windows AD and LDAP. Additionally, you may enable a four-digit pass code in order to access the mobile app.

"Cloud storage is an enabler for innovation, collaboration and productivity," says Lee. "It provides a means for mobile access that keeps workers connected and contributing. This is one of the reasons we see the amount of data being stored in the cloud growing at such a rapid pace."

FileCruiser is compatable with either the Promise VA2600 3U rack unit or the VR2600 1U rack unit; both servers are built on an Intel x86 architecture. The VA2600 targets smaller operations seeking an all-in-one storage solution, while the VR2600 offers scale-out capabilities for large, rapidly growing operations.

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