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Protegrity Announces Protegrity Cloud Gateway Security Solution

By - Source: Protegrity

Protegrity has extended its Protegrity Data Security Platform to the cloud with the Protegrity Cloud Gateway. Protegrity Cloud Gateway was developed based on feedback from almost 200 Protegrity customers currently using Protegrity Cloud Gateway to provide security to databases, applications, datawarehouses and mainframes. Protegrity Cloud Gateway brings data security to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms such as Box, Office365 and Salesforce.

"Our clients have told us that current cloud data protection gateways cannot be configured easily by their internal teams, don't always recognize the sensitive data that needs to be protected, negatively impact the speed or functionality of the SaaS solutions, or have limited scalability," said Suni Munshani, CEO of Protegrity in a press release. "Ushering in the next generation of cloud data security, the Protegrity Cloud Gateway addresses these concerns and responds to our clients' demand to have us apply the same trusted technology we use to protect their core on-premise systems to their ever-growing adoption of cloud applications and services."

Unlike traditional data protection methods which work to protect the environment in which the data is stored, Protegrity Data Security Platform works by protecting the data itself. Protegrity Data Security Platform encrypts and/or tokenizes data to meet business security requirements.

Protegrity Cloud Gateway uses an appliance framework, sitting between cloud applications and users, encrypting or tokenizing sensitive data before sending up to the cloud. Traffic to and from the cloud is handled by a gateway server cluster. The Protegrity Enterprise Security Administrator software affords administrators full control over policy, protection methods, automated key management, security event alerting, reporting and auditing.

Protegrity Cloud Gateway features a stateless architecture allowing individual server nodes to be independent of each other, never sharing transient state information. This independence allows servers to be distributed geographically and still maintain a high level of performance. Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization (PVT) replaces sensitive data with fake data that looks and feels like the real thing, while still rendering items like healthcare data and credit card information useless to hackers. The fact that it is vaultless means that the process is not dependent on a third-party vault to store token relationships and is therefore more efficient and cost-effective.

Protegrity Cloud Gateway is available immediately.