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QLogic Announces Gen 6 2700 Series Fibre Channel Adapters

By - Source: Qlogic

QLogic seems to be on a bit of an announcement streak, as it just launched its new FastLinQ 100 GbE Ethernet controllers last week and is following up with the announcement that it is shipping its first Gen 6 2700 Series Fibre Channel Adapters this week.

Gen 6 Fibre Channel holds the key to unlocking more performance, and Fibre Channel continues to be the premier storage network fabric. The Gen 6 QLogic models provide up to 2.6 million IOPS and 24 GBps per second of aggregated throughput, which naturally leads one to immediately think of the obvious performance benefits of pairing the speedy interface with flash-based storage solutions.

The QLogic 2700 Series adapters come in single-, dual- and quad-port versions and reach the stated 24 GBps of throughput with four aggregated ports. The adapters are well suited for use in All-Flash Arrays and high-density virtualized environments. The cards offer full hardware offload of compute-intensive networking tasks, which spares precious CPU cycles. Gen 6 adapters offer 650,000 IOPS per port in tandem with lower power consumption, which reduces heat generation and improves TCO.

QLogic StorFusion technology includes advance diagnostics and accelerates deployment through a set of fabric pre-provisioning services by leveraging fabric-assigned port world wide name (FA-WWN) and fabric-based boot LUN discovery (F-BLD). QLogic also offers its QConvergeConsole (QCC) unified management application, which offers a single pane of glass for managing all QLogic FC adapters, regardless of the generation.

Emulex points to its ability to provide higher performance through a single port as an advantage. QLogic contends that the complete port-level isolation on its products provides independent function, transmit/receive buffers, an on-chip CPU, DMA channels and a separate firmware image for each port as a significant strength of its products. QLogic feels that the port isolation techniques prevent errors and firmware problems from spreading across all four ports, thus increasing resiliency.

The QLogic 2700 Series Gen 6 Fibre Channel adapters are available immediately in single-, dual- and quad port configurations. QLogic also announced that its 2690 Series Enhanced Gen 5 adapters have been updated with new single- and dual-port options.

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