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Qubole Open Sources Quark For Improved Big Data Analysis

By - Source: Qubole

Qubole announced that is has open sourced Quark, a SQL optimizer that bridges the gaps in traditional big data streams. By allowing connectivity and analytic operations to be performed across multiple and disparate data sources, Quark offsets the disadvantages of having multiple analytics systems housing different parts of an organization's data.

The separation of data across multiple vendors and systems can happen for several reasons. Sometimes, additional capacity is required and instead of moving existing data, it's left in place while additional data is put onto a lower-cost system. Another common reason for data to end up on different systems is that multiple teams are responsible for generating or archiving the data for analysis.

Regardless of how the fragmentation happens, the challenge for many organizations lies in tying the data together from the multiple sources, and then making sense of how the data in those different sources relate to each other. Quark simplifies and optimizes access to data by managing relationships between tables across an organization's databases. Once the data sources are registered, Quark performs data modeling and analysis to better deliver results to analyst’s queries, automatically retrieving the data from the source that can provide the results the fastest.

“We at Qubole are committed to the open source community. With the open sourcing of Quark, we are offering a simple, optimized and compatible solution to allow developers to route SQL queries across data warehouses, big data SQL engines, and data marts. Open source is core to our values at Qubole, and that’s why we built our QDS platform to be agnostic and easily integrate with most open source data engines,” said Ashish Thusoo, co-founder, and CEO of Qubole.

While Quark is being released as open source offering, there can still be benefits to using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation. Now a part of the Qubole Data Service (QDS), Quark can be hosted without having to worry about the administration, or care and feeding of the underlying servers.