Top 5 in Tech: Raspberry Pi, Nirvanix, Ballmer's Replacement & More

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What you need to know about the $35 computer (Raspberry Pi), Cisco's new chip (nPower X1) that's six times the size of a quarter and panic caused by a single cloud storage provider (Nirvanix) are our top stories this week. We're also taking a look at the top computer programming certifications for IT professionals and possible replacements for Microsoft's CEO role (my vote goes to Cisco's CTO Padmasree Warrior).

Top 5 in Tech

  1. Raspberri Pi in My Face via @kenhess
  2. Top 5 Programming Certs
  3. Ballmer’s Replacement
  4. Cisco’s Massive Chip
  5. Tweet of the Week via @cloudpundit

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