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Red Hat Improves Big Data Support With New JBoss Middleware

By - Source: Red Hat, Inc.
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As handling large amounts of data becomes a norm for business operations, enterprises need to be looking for new ways to meet the challenge of making the data work. Red Hat is well aware of the challenges Big Data can bring. Today, the company announced new versions of its JBoss Data Virtualization and JBoss Data Grid offerings, both of which are part of Red Hat's JBoss Middleware family.

"Big data integration is a complex and real challenge facing enterprises today," said Mike Piech, general manager of Middleware, Red Hat. "IT must contend not only with a constantly changing data environment, but also with forces like mobile and IoT that are putting intense pressure on existing systems by demanding more throughput than they can handle."

Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization version 6.1 concentrates on improving integration with outside data sources. Supported data sources include Hadoop, Cloudera Impala, Apache Solr and MariaDB. Additionally, this update brings full integration with the JBoss Data Grid as a data source. This integration allows bi-directional read/write operations between the JBoss Data Virtualization platform and the JBoss Data Grid.

In addition to now taking advantage of JBoss Data Virtualization, the JBoss Data Grid can now act as either an embedded data cache or a remote cache. This functionality specifically targets operations in need of real-time data integration, such as real-time marketing, social media analysis for security or emergency response providers, and telecommunications.

Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6.4 also added integration with JBoss Fuse. Fuse integration means access to elastic scaling and self-healing for replicated data centers.

"With tools like JBoss Data Virtualization and JBoss Data Grid, Red Hat can help enterprises unify and propel data in support of applications that are more responsive and aware," said Piech.

Both Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization 6.1 and JBoss Data Grid 6.4 are available for download today. For more information on the Red Hat JBoss Middleware family visit the product home page.