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Red Hat Grows Its Linux Container Community; Add Projects

By - Source: Red Hat

Red Hat added Project Atomic, GearD, and the High-Touch Beta program to its Linux Containers community, in an effort to bring new ways of working with Linux inside bare metal and cloud environments.

"As the cloud enters the computing mainstream and applications, not infrastructure, become the focus of enterprise IT, the operating system takes on greater importance in supporting the application and the infrastructure, without sacrificing the basic requirements of security, stability and manageability," said Paul Cormier, president of product and technologies at Red Hat.

Project Atomic offers a lightweight container, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host. RHEL Atomic Host will retain key advantages of RHEL, such as security and reliability, while maintaining the agile nature of Linux Containers, according to Red Hat. RHEL Atomic Host will be compatible with RHEL 7 and have Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) capabilities.

GearD is a command-line client that aims to streamline the development process by bridging the gap between source code and application stacks. Specifically, it is able to link Docker containers throughout multiple hosts and integrate them with a single systemd manager. GearD enables quite a bit of control over Docker containers allowing building/rebuilding, the creation of private network links between containers, in addition to general log streaming and monitoring.

"By offering an enterprise class, container-specific host along with new container capabilities in the world's leading enterprise Linux platform and a certification program for containerized applications... Red Hat is the first and only IT leader to offer a comprehensive vision of containerized application delivery for the open hybrid cloud, including portability across bare metal systems, virtual machines and private and public clouds," according to the company's statement.

Finally, RHEL 7's High-Touch Beta program is expanding to include Atomic Host and GearD implementations allowing select customers to try out the announced container technologies.

The community projects for Atomic Host and GearD are available now.