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Red Hat Covers Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud with CloudForms 3.0

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Yesterday, during the Hong Kong OpenStack Summit, Red Hat announced the next release of its cloud management platform, CloudForms 3.0.  

CloudForms is based on Red Hat's 2012 acquisition of ManageIQ and was already tightly integrated with Red Hat's cloud and virtualization management tools through an existing relationship.

CloudForms is a management application. It installs as a virtual appliance and provides a centralized, unified, single interface for running and managing cloud operations and resources.  That includes the ability to setup a self-service portal with all of the appropriate approvals and policy management to allow users to request cloud services and to manage those services from creation to retirement.

CloudForms provides a dashboard and reports on usage and optimization recommendations through continuous discovery and capacity and utilization tracking. This information allows the administrator to set workloads and enforce quotas.

One of the major themes from Red Hat has been around managing heterogeneous cloud environments and the word "hybrid" pops up frequently.  With CloudForms the hybrid refrain continues.  CloudForms already supports VMware vSphere, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and Amazon Web Services (AWS); the new version provides additional controls for AWS. 

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CloudForms allows for provisioning Amazon Machine Instance's (AMI's) in a policy controlled manner to help manage users and workloads. It also supports Amazon Virtual Private Clouds that contain user defined virtual networks.  It integrates with Amazons Identify and Access Management to allow better control over provisioning and management of Amazon workloads and resources, including the ability to set thresholds on AWS workloads and use.

As of this writing, CloudForms 3.0 is generally available according to Red Hat.

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