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New Version of Red Hat Storage Server Released

By - Source: Red Hat

Earlier this week, North Carolina-based Red Hat said that a new release of Red Hat Storage Server is now available. This latest release, version 2.1, combines the enterprise-grade features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 with the latest GlusterFS community release, the open source virtualization platform oVirt, and the XFS File System.

"Red Hat Storage Server 2.1 is designed and rigorously tested to meet exacting performance and scale demands for enterprise storage workloads and lays the data foundation for cloud and big data applications," the company said.

Red Hat Storage Server 2.1 provides comprehensive OpenStack support such as storage back-end for OpenStack’s Block Storage (Cinder) and Image Service (Glance), and integration with the Object Storage (Swift) API layer in the OpenStack Grizzly release. The platform also provides geo-replication performance for data protection.

"Geographical replication technology enhances global data protection and availability by providing timely replication of vast amounts of unstructured data over a WAN link to a disaster recovery site to support stringent data recovery objectives," the company said. "Internal Red Hat testing demonstrated a 38 times increase in performance compared to existing versions of Red Hat Storage."

The new server also provides enhanced inoperability and security for Microsoft Windows workloads including full Server Message Block (SMB) 2.0 protocol compatibility, integration and support for Microsoft Active Directory. The company said that along with performance enhancements, this support makes Red Hat Server a "compelling" choice for Windows-based file serving, sharing and enterprise "sync and share" capabilities.

Included as well, the updated product has "Red Hat Satellite integration to easily install, provision, and maintain Red Hat Storage Servers and provide a solution to enterprises requiring absolute control over and privacy of the maintenance and package deployments," the company said. "Updated technology preview of Red Hat Storage Console provides greater functionality and flexibility for managing the entire Red Hat Storage cluster lifecycle."

In addition to launching the new server, Red Hat also introduced the Storage Server Administration course to teach storage and system administrators how to use a cluster of Red Hat Storage Servers. The company also offers the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Hybrid Cloud Storage that's earned by passing a "rigorous, hands-on" exam.

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The company has also made available Red Hat Storage Test Drives on AWS for a hands-on experience on Amazon Web Services.

"Red Hat Storage continues to work to redefine and revolutionize the way enterprises manage their unstructured data, while setting the open source standard for software-defined storage," said Ranga Rangachari, vice president and general manager, Red Hat Storage. "The new features in Red Hat Storage servers are designed to help customers optimize business continuity service levels, drive business agility, and further simplify and improve operational efficiency across private, public, and open hybrid clouds."

For more information about Red Hat Storage, head here.

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