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Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Now Available

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Microsoft has released the server version of Windows 8 first for evaluation.

Microsoft has released the server version Windows 8 first for evaluation.Microsoft has released the server version Windows 8 first for evaluation.Ahead of the Windows 8 Release Preview now just becoming available, Microsoft posted the server edition of its next-generation operating system: Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Data center.

The new OS arrives by way of a 64-bit ISO (multi-language) or VHD (English only).

"The next release of Windows Server, Windows Server 2012, will offer businesses and hosting providers a scalable, dynamic, and multi-tenant aware, cloud-optimized infrastructure," Microsoft states. "It securely connects across premises and helps IT Professionals to respond to business needs faster and more efficiently."

The new OS includes a redesigned Server Manager, and uses the Metro user interface as a Start Menu replacement. It also features Microsoft's Resilient File System (ReFS) to handle large volumes and shared storage pools across machines, and minimalize data corruption. ReFS will initially be exclusive to Windows Server 2012, and then added to the client version of Windows 8 at a later date.

According to Microsoft, Windows Server 2012 RC delivers value in several key ways. It takes users beyond virtualization by offering a dynamic, multi-tenant infrastructure for scaling and securing workloads, and cost-effectively building a cloud. It delivers the power of many servers "with the simplicity of one" by providing an integrated, highly available, easy-to-manage multiple-server platform.

"It opens the door to every app on any cloud. Windows Server 2012 RC is a broad, scalable, and elastic server platform that gives you the flexibility to build and deploy applications and websites on-premise, in the cloud, and in a hybrid environment, using a consistent set of tools and frameworks," Microsoft states on a product sheet.

To download Windows Server 2012 RC, head here. End users are encouraged to check out the system requirements first, then register for the product evaluation.

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