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Windows 8 - Remote Desktop Assistance

Windows 8 Remote Desktop

Remote Assistance

Talking of options, there is related service called Remote Assistance.  This allows an invited friend or techie to access your computer so that they can troubleshoot your problem. Unlike Remote Desktop, in case of Remote Assistance both of you can see the same computer screen.  There is an option for sharing control of the mouse pointer.

A Backdoor Registry Hack - fDenyTSConnections

There is a 'backdoor' registry tweak which allows you to setup the Remote Desktop Connection as above.  This is useful if you forgot to 'Allow connections' before you left your machine.  My technique involves using a registry setting called fDenyTSConnections to reverse 'Don't allow connections to this computer' on the target machine.

My idea relies on the ability of regedit to Connect to network registry, for this you could take the time to start the Remote Registry Service on the target machine.  See here for a PowerShell script to start services.

Our mission is to change the value of fDenyTSConnections from =1 to =0.  Launch Regedit and navigate along this path: File Menu, Connect Network Registry.  Naturally, you need the hostname of the computer.  Next let us connect to the correct registry hive on the target machine,

HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server

Now find the Reg_DWord called fDenyTSConnections and set the value = 0 (zero)

Unfortunately, you have to reboot the target machine before the change from 1 to 0 takes effect.  To achieve this I use the following PowerShell command.

Restart-Computer -computerName DistWin8 -force

Programs - Remote Desktop ConnectionPrograms - Remote Desktop ConnectionRemote Desktop Into Windows 8 from Windows 7

Configuring Remote Desktop Connection on the Client Computer

The situation is that you have configured the remote host to 'Allow connections ...'.  So now it's time to launch the Remote Desktop Connection on the local client. To access this MSTSC executable, click on the Windows Start Orb, and in the Search dialog box, type Remote Desktop.

Launch Remote Desktop Connection - See screenshot.

Type the name of the computer that you want to gain remote access.  It's worth taking the time to examine the 'Options' before you click 'Connect'.

Remote Desktop Connection - MyComputerRemote Desktop Connection - MyComputer

It's also possible to chain remote desktop connections to a third or fourth computer.  Delegates on training courses always want to link in this way, but I have yet to see a killer real-life reason to create a long chain of connected computers.