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2. Werner Vogels, CTO, - Top IT Influencers

Slideshow: The Ten Most Influential People in IT
2. Werner Vogels, CTO, - Top IT Influencers

As much as Amazon changed the perception of enterprise cloud computing, it was Vogels who changed as the chief architect of the company's Amazon Web Services (AWS) over the past four years. He is largely credited with inventing enterprise cloud computing, but he remains critical of certain cloud trends, especially overly aggressive promotions of private clouds, and follows an approach that is very reminiscent of Apple's recipe for success: The technology is simply an enabler, and needs to serve the experience and benefits of a computing model. This philosophy separates him from many of his peers and makes him special in an industry that is at risk of being overrun by too many buzzwords. Count Vogels among those who will shape the vision of cloud computing over the next few years.

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