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9. Mark Benioff, CEO, - Top IT Influencers

Slideshow: The Ten Most Influential People in IT
9. Mark Benioff, CEO, - Top IT Influencers

Benioff has been selling the "No Software" pitch for much longer than some of his peers have understood what software-as-a-service, or in a more general term, "cloud" really means. He educated the enterprise about the cloud and is leading this field as a visionary with ideas that appear to be always at least one step ahead of those who want to be like his Since the rather humble beginnings during the dotcom boom in 1999, the company has evolved from its CRM roots and is moving thousands of customers and developers with its products. Especially noteworthy is Benioff's direction to make a platform for enterprise service applications, which is revealing itself as a powerful approach in, for example, enterprise gamification to change the way we think about dreadful business software.

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