7. John Considine, CTO Terremark - Top IT Influencers

Slideshow: The Ten Most Influential People in IT
7. John Considine, CTO Terremark - Top IT Influencers

Considine founded CloudSwitch, which was acquired by Verizon, and is now in charge of research and development at Terremark, also acquired by Verizon. Thanks to the combination of Verizon and Terremark, Considine now has access to one of the nation's most comprehensive and enviable service delivery infrastructures for managed hosting, colocation, disaster recovery, security, data storage and cloud computing services. Verizon by itself could, despite its national reach, almost get lost in the wave of cloud innovation. The influence and knowledge of Considine are essential for Verizon to claim its stake in enterprise computing services as the company expands its presence as an infrastructure provider. Terremark's influence can only grow and is likely to see Considine as a key executive in the industry to establish a cloud computing framework for the future.

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