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HP Demos Latest FlexNetwork Products at Interop

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

May 6 marks the beginning of this year’s first Interop conference at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  In booth 1527, you will find HP debuting their latest and greatest datacenter products that are built on HP FlexNetwork architecture.  Greater scalability, 75% less complexity of other network fabrics, and the promise to reduce network provision time from months to just minutes will be sure to draw an audience. 

Among the line up: 

  • FlexFabric 12900 -- the first OpenFlow-enabled core switch in the industry;
  • FlexFabric 11908 -- an OpenFlow-enabled aggregation switch;
  • FlexFabric Virtual Switch 5900v -- kernel-based software solution in the form of a logical switch;
  • HSR 6800 router series -- the first aggregation router to support network virtualization.

The new product line addresses the increasing demands for cloud computing with these products by unifying the virtual and physical layers.  Case in point, the Virtual Switch 5900v software, used with the FlexFabric 5900, allows for advanced networking features to be delivered to a VMware environment, such as QoS and policies. 

Although the physical switch is available today with a starting list price of $14,990, the 5900v will not be available worldwide until October 2013. HP's Virtual Services Router (VSR) eliminates the need for unnecessary hardware by allowing services to be delivered via VM by leveraging Network Function Virtualization (NFV) but will not be available until Q3 of 2013.  Only the HSR6800 router series is available worldwide with a starting list price of $46,000.  More information on these offerings can be found at

In addition to the hardware/software additions, new services offered by HP will include: HP Connectivity Transformation Experience Workshop; HP IPv6 Roadmap Service; and HP Datacenter Care for Networking which will serve as a single point of support contact, for both reactive and proactive services.

Sometimes, what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay there.

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