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Ruckus Wireless Announces CloudManager For Xclaim

By - Source: Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless, makers of Smart Wi-Fi products, introduced its new CloudManager for Xclaim.

Xclaim is a line of entry-level, business grade, Wi-Fi products. It fills the space in between low power, low feature, consumer-grade, type wireless networks, and high-end, full IT department required, enterprise-level wireless networks. The new Xclaim CloudManager now uses the Amazon cloud to give businesses the ability to manage Xclaim access points from anywhere.

One of the "gotchas" for providing high-quality Wi-Fi networking without an existing IT department is that there is no infrastructure in place to use for management. Up until now, customers managed their Xclaim access points with a free app called Harmony for Xclaim. However, the app only works on the local network and can only manage up to 10 access points. There is no way to manage access points in other locations.

The Xclaim CloudManager takes management to the next level. Biju Nair, VP and co-GM of the Xclaim product line, said, "CloudManager represents a major, strategic upgrade to our Xclaim portfolio."

CloudManager is, as the name suggests, cloud-based and accessible from any networked or cellular Internet connection. The CloudManager interface runs in a Web browser, thus allowing access from not only PCs, Macs, tablets and laptops, but any smartphone with a browser, as well. In addition, it is backward compatible with all pre-existing Xclaim access points.

CloudManager offers full remote management and configuration backup. Multiple sites can be managed from a single login, with no limit on the number of access points managed. In addition, CloudManager automatically stores one week of historical data for each access point. Pre-configured management reports are downloadable, or can be emailed directly from CloudManager, to allow week-to-week monitoring.

Although the CloudManager service is new, there are no subscription fees or upgrade costs other than the cost of the access points themselves.

The company said that CloudManager for Xclaim will be available by the end of June 2015. Customers who can't wait can request to join the open beta program.