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Slideshow: Rugged Tech for the Enterprise

Slideshow: Rugged Tech for the Enterprise
Gear that Lasts: In the Data Center, Field, and Office Park

It used to be that only defense contractors in the field and the military itself required gear that conformed to rigorous durability standards, but all it takes is one national disaster or personal tragedy to realize how susceptible our precious computers and equipment are to the vagaries of their environments. Floods and fires are extreme case scenarios--very few toughened-up products would survive such a disaster. But splashes, a shower of dust or dirt, extreme temperatures, and even a few clumsy drops are calamities we can now expect our technology to endure (if we’re properly outfitted). In many cases, deployment of moderately ruggedized gear throughout an entire office-dwelling enterprise makes a lot of sense: though a price premium is to be expected on these products, they last longer, providing a bigger return on investment. How many employees in your organization destroyed smartphones, tablets, and laptops during perfectly tame business trips this year? Others have no specific standards--maybe you want to perform your own ruggedness testing.

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