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Salesforce: 1.5 Million Developers, Billion API Calls Each Day

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Today Salesforce unveiled a new community website for its 1.5 million developers, offering a single place for documentation and resources. After launching the Salesforce1 platform last November, the Salesforce developer count jumped from 1 million to 1.5 million in less than six months, a substantial increase, considering the number grew by only 200,000 from 2012 to 2013.

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Salesforce Developers, the company's new community site, offers a library of resources, tools and toolkits, cookbooks, as well as forums and information about online and in-person events. It is a learning and support tool meant to be more than just a place to find documentation or share your code; it's about providing "a tight-knit community feel" to its quickly growing developer community, said Quinton Wall, director of technical platform at

Salesforce DevelopersSalesforce DevelopersThe Salesforce1 platform integrates the company's, Heroku and ExactTarget services (the latter two of which were acquired by Salesforce), bringing with it much more mobile capability; developers can use Salesforce1 to build custom services to fit their unique business needs. Today Salesforce is claiming over 4 million custom apps and over a billion API calls per day.

Wall told us that the biggest growth the company is seeing is in enterprise applications, especially mobile enterprise apps. And now with the Salesforce1 platform, these apps can to scale across, Heroku and ExactTarget.

At the end of this month the company is launching a week-long global learning event for its 1.5 million developers. Salesforce1 Developer Week, kicking off on April 27th, is taking place in 22 countries and will include Salesforce experts at each event.