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Salesforce Updates Community Cloud With Recommendations, Templates And Google Drive

By - Source: Salesforce

Salesforce announced the launch of the next-generation of Community Cloud. The latest release of Community Cloud improves content delivery, expands options for saving and working on files, and includes enhancements for building new communities through the use of templates and builders. Community Cloud is an extended support and engagement platform that helps companies connect with customers, employees and partners.

"Communities have become the connective tissue linking customers, partners and employees to companies and each other," said Nasi Jazayeri, executive vice president of Community Cloud, Salesforce. "With the next-generation Community Cloud, companies have the intelligence, speed and engagement to strengthen these bonds like never before."

The next generation Community Cloud is a software update that will be rolling out to existing customers. The new features will be incorporated into the existing product instead of being a new product, so there will be no need for upgrading or moving users from one service to another.

One of the feature upgrades in the release is Targeted Recommendations. This is a multi-purpose feature that both improves the user experience and gives new tools to community managers. Targeted Recommendations performs scans and analyzes content to identify people who are deemed to be subject matter experts. Content can then have its exposure increased, distributing its content to a wider audience. Additionally, Targeted Recommendations allows community managers to send content to a subset of the community users using intelligent targeting groups.

"Recommendations have been part of Chatter and Communities for some time," said Mike Stone, senior vice president of marketing for Community Cloud, Salesforce. "We are very excited about the additional functionality and the new levels of intelligence they bring to communities."

Another feature in the update helps to get the communities up and running quickly. Lightning Community Builder and Templates can be used to create custom community and develop custom apps using Lightning Components. Once created, the apps can be embedded into a community using drag and drop functionality.

File collaboration also got an update, with the ability to now use Google Drive as a collaboration point. Community members can insert files directly from Google Drive sources into a planning group or attach the files to a service record. This extends the cloud-based file support in Community Cloud, which allowed OneDrive for Business and SharePoint to be used as collaboration sources since the December 2014 update.

These upgrades are generally available today, with the exception of the Google Drive connection, which is available for only Chatter and Employee community licenses.

Communities using Partner or Customer licenses will get Google Drive connectivity in the second half of 2015, when all of these features will be getting upgraded and expanded functionality.