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Samsung Announces AutoCache V3.0 Software, Support For vSphere

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Solid state storage has had a slow adoption in the enterprise segment, which can mostly be attributed to issues associated with recoverability, audit trails and erasing capabilities that high-security business infrastructures rely on, but are unfortunately not currently available with solid state technology. Although a new group was recently formed to address these issues, the current market has few options for an industry craving the performance advantages of solid state storage.

Samsung answered the call for a solid state solution for business and announced Samsung AutoCache v3.0, the company's first enterprise-class SSD caching software designed for I/O filtering with the new VMware vSphere API.

Samsung AutoCache v3.0 is designed to alleviate I/O bottlenecks by caching frequently used data to an array of up to eight SSDs in a single server. AutoCache is optimized for use with Samsung SSDs, but the technology supports all types of solid state storage, including NVMe, SATA or SAS interfaces. AutoCache uses write-back caching, where data is first written to SSDs and then copied to disk drives, enabling the system to handle high bursts of write requests at SSD speeds instead of slower hard disk speeds.

Samsung claimed that AutoCache v3.0 can increase disk I/O performance in each VM up to 400 percent or more, reducing overall storage and caching costs in virtualized environments.

"AutoCache v3.0 provides a highly efficient way for IT managers to double, or even triple, the effective number of Virtual Machines supported per server," said Thomas Bolt, vice president of software development at Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., in a press release. "By improving server caching capabilities we are delivering superior storage performance for all enterprise SSDs, by simply moving the task of accessing stored data in virtual machines to the solid state drive itself."

AutoCache v3.0 is designed to accelerate a variety of server tasks including Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), real-time big data analytics, business intelligence applications, data warehousing, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), public and private cloud environments, and other virtualized workloads. Best of all, the program supports the new vSphere API from VMware.

The announcement comes shortly after the release of several enterprise-class SSDs from the company, so it seems Samsung is stepping up its game and really pushing solid state storage toward wider adoption in the enterprise segment.