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Samsung's Desktop-Based VDI Thin Client Now Available

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Samsung is stepping up its presence in the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) market today with its announcement of the NX-N2-T zero client desktop. Samsung has offered zero client monitors, such as the NC221, and a VDI access stand, the NB-NH, for some time now but this is the company's first desktop offering.

According to Randy Groves, CTO at Teradici, "The markets for VDI and emerging Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) are accelerating rapidly as today’s enterprises look to simplify desktop management, increase security and deliver a rich user experience."

The NX-N2-T Desktop runs on Teradici's Tera2 chipset. Tera2 provides the desktop with AES 256-bit encryption, NSA Suite B cyphers and, according to Samsung, provides five times the pixel performance and increased energy efficiency over the previous Teradici chipset generation.

Samsung NX-N2-T Thin ClentSamsung NX-N2-T Thin ClentTeradici is bringing its PCoIP, or PC-over-IP, technology to the table as well. PCoIP is Teradici's solution to processor-less interaction with virtual desktops. The technology sits on the central processing resource, then encrypts, moves and decrypts the client interaction data, displaying it on a VDI monitor.

Besides the argument that virtual desktop services simplify business operations, VDI and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) providers often promise better security with their product's implementation; Samsung and Teradici are no different. The argument is that because the data never leaves the data center you won't have to worry about stolen client devices revealing sensitive information. This is true to a certain extent.

As pointed out by Shawn Bass of, VDI protects data at rest. This means it only really protects data not in use, which can be accomplished with advanced disk encryption. What is still vulnerable is live data, meaning anyone able to operate the client device may still be able to access the data. "They don't prevent the security risk, they only help you assess and respond faster," Bass says of VDI.

Still there are advantages to VDI, many of which have to do with ease of data and resource management, such as easier backups and streamlining infrastructure. You can read Shawn Bass' article on further advantages here.

Samsung's NX-N2-T Desktop is available now for $289.00. For more information click here.