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Samsung Launches Trustonic For KNOX

By , Derek Forrest - Source: Trustonic

Samsung, in partnership with Trustonic, announced a new mobile security solution called "Trustonic for KNOX," which combines the advanced security features of Samsung KNOX and Trustonic's hardware based Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technology. It's an effort to bring enterprise users into the mobile market, incorporating strong user authentication, single sign-on, secure tokenization, and enhanced trust for mobile device management.

TEE is a secure area that resides in the main processor of a mobile device and ensures that sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in a trusted environment. The TEE's ability to offer safe execution of authorized security software enables it to provide end-to-end security by enforcing protection, confidentiality, and data access rights, making Trustonic for KNOX extremely viable for enterprise clients to rely on mobile devices due to the added integrity of a hardware based security solution.

Trustonic for KNOX promises to offer adapted mobile security levels without compromising user convenience. "The growing trend of using increasingly important services on mobile devices makes it essential to combine increased trust in the device with a seamless, simple user experience," said Ben Cade, CEO of Trustonic. "Trustonic for KNOX will see the Trusted User Interface deployed in massive volume, truly raising the bar on the experiences consumers expect. This is a truly significant development in mobile security."

The new security platform will be embedded in Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S 6 smartphones, and it will be made available to a selection of existing Samsung Galaxy mobile devices via software updates in the future.