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Samsung Brings Two New All-In-One Thin Client Displays To Market

By - Source: Samsung

Samsung has announced two new all-in-one thin client monitors powered by IGEL software. The TC222L and TC242L monitors are capable of connecting to thin client providers such as Citrix, VMware and Microsoft to deliver a secure desktop computing experience at a much lower cost than traditional PCs.

Each of the monitors runs a Linux embedded operating system and IGEL's Universal Management Suite 5 (UMS5) for an easy to use and manage client.

The two displays are identical in features and build specifications. Each includes an AMD GX-212 1.2GHz Dual core CPU, 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 4GB of eMMC flash storage, Gigabit Ethernet, AMD Radeon RSE graphics and Realtek ALC282 audio with built-in speakers. The key difference is in the size of the display. The TC222L has a 21.5" display whereas the TC242L has a 25.6" display.

"Businesses today need cutting-edge, cost-effective technologies that offer the flexibility to support remote operations yet safeguard against emerging data security threats," said Seog-gi Kim, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. "Our new TC222L and TC242L monitors bring the power, protection and capability of IGEL's renowned remote automation tools to Samsung’s pioneering display technologies to create a cost-efficient, all-in-one solution for any business environment."

By utilizing thin clients instead of full PCs, organizations can make it easier to secure their computing environments, managing the desktop images on the private cloud infrastructure instead of maintaining the operating systems on the clients themselves. Thin clients also offer cost savings over PCs as the minimal hardware and fanless operation allows for less dust and contaminants, provides a lower total cost of ownership and reduces client-side administration.

"Samsung visual display technology, combined with world class thin client software from IGEL that is verified as Citrix Ready for XenApp and XenDesktop, offers compelling value," said Siddharth Rabindran, Director at Citrix Ready. "This all-in-one thin client display combination simplifies the physical workspace, while providing the benefits of Citrix secure app and data delivery technology."

The Samsung TC222L and TC242L all-in-one thin clients are on display at Citrix Synergy, taking place in Las Vegas, May 24-26.