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SAP Announces In-Memory Database Support For Hadoop, New Cloud Services

By - Source: SAP

SAP plans to introduce a new in-memory query engine for Hadoop, along with new services for the SAP Hana Cloud. SAP Hana Vora is a new plugin for Apache Spark that enables interactive analysis of data stored in Hadoop. SAP has created new services for the SAP Hana Cloud platform that will aid in application development and deployment.

"Our mission at SAP is to empower businesses to lead the digital transformation in their industry," said Quentin Clark, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Global Managing Board, SAP. "In order to succeed in this digital transformation, companies need a platform that enables real time business, delivers business agility, is able to scale and provides contextual awareness in a hyper-connected world."

The new SAP Hana Vora query engine allows users to view enterprise data using an interface that features a SAP Hana look and feel. SAP Hana Vora provides fully interactive OLAP-like views of data in Hadoop, complete with drill-down analytic functionality. Using SAP Hana Vora, customers can derive insights from very large data sets in Hadoop without requiring highly skilled data science analysts. A cloud trial of SAP Hana Vora will soon be available here.

SAP plans to offer pre-built and pre-tested services that can be incorporated into applications running on the SAP Hana Cloud platform. The SAP Hybris service is a set of ecommerce and customer engagement functions. The SAP Tax Calculation Service provides tax calculation services for customers in over 75 countries.

SAP plans to introduce a new API management service that allows customers to share assets as an API, enhanced security features for mobile applications, and nData-based access to SAP with integration into the SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Management (HCM) platform. SAP also plans to introduce new Internet of Things (IoT) services for SAP Hana Cloud.