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Savage IO Unleashes SavageStor Open Storage Platform

By - Source: Savage IO
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Savage IO announced the release of its high-density and -performance SavageStor open storage server. The 4U server can house up to 48 storage devices (SAS/SATA HDD and SSD) and supports capacities up to 6 TB per HDD. A fully populated SavageStor server houses up to 288 TB of storage, and there are plans to support 8 TB and 10 TB HDDs in the future.

High-density servers typically suffer performance limitations because they're designed to be utilized in bulk data storage environments and have limited internal controller resources. This isn't the best option for intense workloads. The SavageStor open storage platform is designed for workloads that require high performance, such as video production workloads (4K and 8K video editing and rendering), HPC, big data and cloud computing. The focus on speed starts with a proprietary circuit board designed to provide high performance and 12 lanes of SAS connectivity.

The server utilizes three LSI 12 Gbps RAID controllers in tandem with four high-speed backplanes to deliver up to 9.6 GBps of sequential throughput and 800,000 random IOPS. Server connectivity consists of iSCSI and Fibre Channel adapters that scale up to the fastest speeds available on the market. Compute comes courtesy of two 12-core Xeon processors and 512 GB of memory.

The rear of the server also offers four 2.5" slots for SSDs for caching and tiering applications. These four SSDs have their own separate 12 Gbps connection to provide the best possible performance. Four power supply units supply redundant power to the unit in an N+2 configuration. This configuration allows connection to redundant server power supplies for grid redundancy.

The drives reside in a sliding tray that opens to the front. This design allows HDD servicing and replacement without compromising server uptime. This type of design is becoming more popular with large-capacity designs.

The platform is software agnostic and supports a wide range of operating systems and applications. SavageStor indicated that the system reduces floor space requirements by up to 75 percent and offers 40 percent more compute performance than similar systems, all while consuming 50 percent less power than large-scale storage systems.

The SavageStor systems are available now through direct sales, and the company is building out its channel.