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Savvius Announces 802.11ac Adapter Solution for WLAN Packet Capture And Analysis

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Until recently, there was no portable and cost-effective way to troubleshoot 802.11ac networks. Savvius addressed this issue today with a new 802.11 Wi-Fi Adapter. Savvius’s new Wi-Fi Adapter was intended for their OmniPeek Software.

The previous iteration of the Savvius WiFi Adapter was aimed towards 802.11n networks and lower. Savvius took what made the original adapter successful and built the 802.11ac version around it. The updated WiFi Adapter features support for up to two-stream 802.11ac, dual band connectivity over 2.4 GHz (b/g/n) band and 5 GHz (a/n/ac) band, and support for all international 802.11 channels. The new adapter does not require a power supply or antenna; it is powered through a USB connection, keeping the adapter portable. Because the solution is portable and easy to use, users with more than one adapter may troubleshoot using OmniPeek’s multi-channel aggregation.

Savvius’s OmniPeek Software family consists of Network Analysis, Capture Engine and Capture Assistant softwares. The Network Analysis suite is offered in three tiers (Connect, Professional and Enterprise), which are aimed at network professionals at all levels of industry. The OmniPeek Capture Engine conducts real-time packet analysis. Finally, OmniPeek Capture Assistant remotely captures packets from end user devices.

The Savvius 802.11ac WiFi Adapter for OmniPeek is currently available on Amazon and authorized resellers for $149.