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Pica8 Released CrossFlow Networking For Bare Metal Switches

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When software defined networking (SDN) is referenced, it is normally in a virtual world, but Pica8’s CrossFlow networking brings the abilities of SDN to the physical world. Users of bare-metal switches can install the PicOS bare metal operating system that is designed to seamlessly integrate OpenFlow applications and business processes.

The traditional network based on layer 2 and layer 3 devices and protocols has had little change with the introduction of SDN. CrossFlow does not change that transport mechanism of layer 2 or layer 3 -- it leverages the existing infrastructure. Where traditional network topology is dictated by the protocol, Pica8 CrossFlow is an SDN policy-driven framework.

Calvin Chai, Head of Product Marketing, Pica8 said, "One of the great promises of SDN and OpenFlow is the flexibility that comes with the ability to drive business logic and policy into the network. With CrossFlow Networking, Pica8 can make that task exponentially easier by leveraging the network and the transport mechanism that’s already in place."

Pica8 CrossFlow leverages Open vSwitch (OVS) hardware from vendors such as Dell or Quanta to install its bare-metal operating system. Bringing SDN out of the virtual world will enable network administrators to create policy across the physical environment, similar to how they do it today on VMware Distributed vSwitch or the Cisco v1000.

“For the first time, CrossFlow mode allows users to leverage both ways of thinking – Layer-2 / Layer-3 and OpenFlow – to deal with networking challenges appropriately on the same switch,” said Steve Garrison, vice president of marketing, Pica8.

Virtualization has grown from many tools, techniques and technologies; Pica8 is taking something created for the virtual environment and bringing it back out to the physical world. The segmentation, ease of administration and policies that network administrators have taken advantage of in virtual environments can now be extended to the physical world. Pica8 leverages existing network cabling and infrastructure; however, depending on your switch, some vendors may not support OVS or OpenFlow, so switch hardware replacement can be a possibility.