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Atlantis Intros Hyper-Converged Storage for VMware VSAN

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Atlantis Computing unveiled the result of the ongoing partnership with VMware by introducing Atlantis ILIO for Virtual SAN on Tuesday. Atlantis Computing announced in February that the company had been working with VMware on a joint project to add VMware's VSAN ability to pool local solid state drives  and hard disks with Atlantis Computing ILIO USX software-defined storage (SDS) solution.

Referring to the capability as hyper-converged storage, the Atlantis Computing ILIO USX product is an in-memory SDS solution that organizations can use to consolidate existing enterprise and local storage (Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS), Random Access Memory (RAM), local Direct Attached Storage (DAS) such as SSDs, flash, and Serial Attached SCSI) into an optimized storage pool available for use by virtual machines (VMs). 

The new Atlantis ILIO for Virtual SAN can deliver enterprise-class data services to VMware Horizon 6 and would support up to 10 times more desktops, according to Atlantis. With a proposed price tag of $50 per user and with organizations using commodity servers and leveraging local storage, Atlantis also suggests that this solution could reduce the cost for each virtual desktop to less than that of a PC.

VMware's Horizon allows business users to run virtualized desktop applications remotely through a single platform. VMware's Virtual SAN product is a hypervisor converged storage product that is policy driven. Read: VMware Virtual SAN Now Generally Available

The Atlantis ILIO USX with VSAN platform includes benefits and features such as:

  • Lower cost by pooling DAS (local server disk, flash, SSD) and making it available as enterprise storage.
  • Reduced storage required to support VMs through inline deduplication, compression, and coalescing optimization services.
  • Non-disruptive expansion of storage capacity by adding hosts to a cluster or adding shared networked SAN/NAS arrays.
  • Ability to deploy up to 5 times more VMs per VSAN cluster.
  • In-Memory performance that can increase I/O (input/output) of any VSAN cluster by up to five times.
  • Automated deployment for the creation of datastores and instant provisioning to create any type of storage and clone VMs in seconds.
  • Policy-based controls.

In a joint test, the result of the collaboration showed a significant increase in performance (up to 5 times) between VMware VSAN by itself and with the addition of Atlantis Computing ILIO USX for VSAN.

"We are excited to release Atlantis ILIO for Virtual SAN, our newest software solution designed to bring enterprise-class data services to VMware Virtual SAN for VDI. VMware Horizon 6, VMware Virtual SAN and Atlantis ILIO for Virtual SAN enable customers to build high performance VDI architectures that deliver incredible user experience at very low cost through the use of off-the-shelf storage and server components," said Bernard Harguindeguy, President & CEO of Atlantis Computing.

Atlantis ILIO for VMware Virtual SAN is available now. Additional information can be found on the Atlantis Computing website