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TE Connectivity Announces DoD Certification For Quareo Physical Layer Management System

By - Source: TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity announced that the company's Quareo physical layer management (PLM) system, consisting of connectors, software, chassis, and panels, has been certified to meet U.S. DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) guidelines.

DIACAP certification outlines the requirements for IT systems operating on DoD networks and signifies that the systems meet department standards for security and reliability. TE Connectivity worked with the DoD, the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) to assure that the Quareo PLM system was fully in compliance with these standards.

The TE Quareo PLM system is a hardware and software system that automates the discovery, documentation and monitoring of the physical network layer. Quareo PLM gives network administrators instant visibility to unauthorized physical intrusion and activity awareness control, and it will automatically document network changes.

Quareo PLM uses Connection Point Identification (CPID) to bring visibility to the physical layer network. CPID chips are installed on each connector, and when a connector is inserted into a Quareo-enabled panel or frame system, the chip is automatically read and the connection event recorded in the database. Removal of a connector triggers a removal event, which is also logged into the system database. The Quareo software can then provide accurate and up-to-the minute data about the physical layer network.

"The Quareo PLM system provides a level of visibility, automation and accountability to the physical layer of the network that is necessary to support cyber physical security concerns, and continuity of staff and services over the lifetime of the network," said Que Thanh Dallara, vice president and general manager, Telecom at TE. "Our Quareo PLM system helps simplify and automate the physical layer change control and documentation process for improved security, efficiency and accountability. The Quareo mission-critical tools support systems operators and integrators as they implement their cyber security strategies and solutions with their clients."