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Teradata Announces InfiniBand For UDA

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Database company Teradata is extending its unified data architecture (UDA), which integrates its own Teradata, Hadoop, and Aster platforms.

The company said that it now supports Mellanox' InfiniBand to enable fabric-based computing for UDA. InfiniBand joins other components of the architecture, which also include the Suse Linux Enterprise Server operating system, NetApp storage systems, as well as Intel's Xeon CPUs.

In combination with Teradata's Bynet V5 software, the company claims that its UDA can now scale to more than 2,000 parallel processing units and up to 61 PB of data in the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse.

The company also announced the Active Enterprise Data Warehouse 6700 platform, which the manufacturer says provides a workload performance improvement of 40 percent over previous versions using Intel's Xeon E5 processors. The server is offered in two versions, the base model 6700C and the more advanced 6700H. The 6700C supports only HDDs, and a 6-core 2.0 GHz CPU with 128 GB memory per node. The 6700H can also be equipped with SSDs, and an 8-core 2.6 GHz chip to deliver 80 percent more performance per node, according to the manufacturer.

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