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SGI Intros New InfiniteData Cluster, More

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On Tuesday SGI introduced three new additions to its Big Data solutions portfolio: SGI InfiniteData Cluster, SGI ObjectStore and SGI LiveArc AE for SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway. The company announced that all three are focused on helping businesses and government agencies perform faster Big Data analytics, achieve extreme capacity and scale, and manage storage investments more "cost effectively".

According to SGI, the InfiniteData Cluster provides up to 40 nodes and 1.9 PB in a single rack, thanks to Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors, up to twelve 4 TB drives per tray and high speed interconnects. InfiniteData Cluster solutions arrive pre-racked, pre-configured, and pre-tested with Cloudera Hadoop running on Red Hat Linux and SGI Management Center.

"In addition to the unique half-width 2U server/storage tray and choice of SAS or SATA drive capacities, half-width 1U server trays are also available with six, eight, ten, or twelve core Intel Xeon processers E5-2600 v2, as well as 1GbE, 10GbE, and Infiniband connectivity to support midsize technical HPC environments as well as private and public cloud computing," reports the company's announcement. "SGI Management Center provides automated, policy-driven power management." 

The InfiniteData Cluster promises less than 10W per tray for cooling, and all components including trays, interconnects, and I/O are serviced from the front of the rack to support hot aisle/cold aisle floor plans. SGI is making an InfiniteData Cluster available online, pre-configured with RedHat Enterprise Linux and Cloudera Hadoop, for customers to upload their own data and explore Big Data analytics. SGI is expected to make its Hadoop Sandbox available at year end.

Next is SGI ObjectStore, which provides an object-based, "scale-out" storage solution for petabyte environments. SGI's announcement states that ObjectStore's system architecture delivers a shared storage pool supporting thousands to millions of users, with limitless file size and quantity, and performance rivaling block-based storage. Nodes can be added at any time, and advanced erasure code technology reduces risk of data loss to nearly zero. The environment also self-heals with no RAID rebuilds. ObjectStore delivers up to 2.8 PB per rack.

Finally there's SGI LiveArc AE for InfiniteStorage Gateway, a special "appliance edition" of SGI LiveArc software to be embedded in the Gateway before year end. This device promises fast search, facilitates compliance, and helps achieve disaster recovery, as it automatically indexes metadata and file content, enabling a variety of "valuable" capabilities such as using free-text queries to locate needed files. Version history can be captured with audit trails, and Write Once Read Many (WORM) functionality can be implemented, such as restricting file deletion or changes.

"SGI's expertise in designing and building the world's fastest supercomputers enables customers to fully optimize High Performance Computing for Big Data analytics to achieve business breakthroughs," said Jorge Titinger, president and CEO of SGI. "And through shipping over 600 petabytes of storage capacity annually and helping customers manage some of the world’s largest data environments cost efficiently, SGI is applying its experience in Big Data storage to deliver solutions increasingly needed in today’s enterprise."

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