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Tokenless, Two-Factor Authentication Coming To Google Apps, Office365, Salesforce

By - Source: Tom's Hardware US

Tokenless, Two-Factor Authentication Coming To Google Apps, Office365, SalesforceTokenless, Two-Factor Authentication Coming To Google Apps, Office365, SalesforceSecurEnvoy recently announced that it is combining its tokenless, two-factor authentication with PasswordBank's single sign-on technology.

Through the partnership, two-factor authentication is now supported via SMS messages and does not require users of cloud applications such as Google Apps, Office365 and to carry a physical token.

"A major benefit of cloud technology is that it frees employees from their workstations, and gives them access to the tools they need, wherever they are and whenever they need it," said Steve Watts, sales director of SecurEnvoy. "Knowing how important security is, many companies implement two-factor authentication to ensure that they always know who is accessing their systems at any time. But forcing users to carry tokens around with them (and not letting them login if they don’t have them) defeats the point."

Dennis Lee, vice president of technology at PasswordBank, noted that his company "enabled two-factor authentication with tokens for some time, but [the firm's] clients are starting to demand solutions that are cheaper to implement and deliver more flexibility."

There was no information on pricing.

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