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SingleHop Announced New Beta for SaaS Tool Named AI

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SingleHop announced an open beta period for a new, free SaaS platform for monitoring and managing servers and operating systems called AI. The company said that AI doesn't specifically stand for anything, although it could stand for Action Items, Actionable Intelligence, or, yes, even Artificial Intelligence.

Leaving the naming issue behind, the purpose of AI is to streamline server management by making a provider-agnostic platform that works on any server whether on-site, hosted, or cloud. Specifically, AI supports any server running Windows Server 2008 or newer, CentOS, or Red Hat, including bare metal, or on-premise servers; AWS, Azure and other public cloud servers; and OpenStack, Hyper-V, or VMware hypervisors. Although the company noted that SingleHop does offer server hosting, using it is not a requirement for AI.

“All of the research we've seen supports that the vast majority of IT time and budget is allocated to keeping the lights on. With one tool, we can break that cycle. Imagine the productivity gains and reduced downtime achieved by IT professionals who have actionable intelligence at their fingertips across their entire server ecosystem through a single portal. It's an incredible leap forward in efficiency and economics," said Jordan Jacobs, VP of products SingleHop.

AI is a remote-based agent solution. The company claimed installation can be accomplished with a single command. Once installed, AI provides three core functions: monitoring, patching and management.

AI informs administrators of new patches when they become available. Patches can be applied or scheduled through a simple point-and-click menu.

AI monitors CPU, RAM, storage and network usage at the OS and process level. Real-time metrics are displayed on a dashboard, and historical data is captured to allow for trend analysis.

Management is provided by a combination of remote-scripting and an Action Items tab that takes the monitored data and recommends actions or next steps to approve performance or stability.

AI started allowing signups for a beta test today. Actual user accounts will be accessible starting in first quarter, 2016. You can sign up for the beta here.