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SIOS IQ Analytics Brings Support For SQL Sentry And VMware Clusters

By - Source: SIOS iQ

SIOS IQ has announced an update to its virtualization monitoring and analytics platform, which increases the options that VMware administrators can utilize to troubleshoot and diagnose problems, even before they become incidents. In version 3.7, which is expected to be released on June 10, there is an improved feature set that includes SQL monitoring, dashboards that provide expanded coverage to include an entire VMware infrastructure, and support for VMware clusters.

SIOS IQ is a VMware utility that analyzes performance data and system events to give an overview of what's really going on with your virtual infrastructure. Additionally, it uses machine learning to enhance the predictability of everything from capacity analysis to troubleshooting.

New in version 3.7 is a tight integration with SQL Sentry advising software. SQL Sentry is a popular diagnostic and analysis tool that spans multiple databases to tell you how healthy your SQL environment is. By integrating with SQL Sentry, SIOS IQ is able to take all of the data that SQL Sentry generates and reports, then correlate that data with events that are happening in the underlying infrastructure in the virtual environment.

"The out of the box integration with SQL Sentry allows us to correlate events that are taking place within the Microsoft SQL Server environment with that of anomalies that we detect on the infrastructure," said Jim Shocrylas, director of product management for SIOS Technology. "What we're ultimately doing is bridging the gap in visibility between the virtual infrastructure and the database application environment."

With this information at your fingertips, you will finally be able to answer with confidence whether it's the database queries that are causing a slowdown or whether the system is experiencing sluggish performance due to low resources.

Other enhancements made to SIOS IQ in version 3.7 includes support for VMware clusters and an enhanced environmental topology view. The VMware cluster support allows SIOS IQ to take advantage of logical groupings and categorizations in the analysis and performance data, so that if the IT group has used VMware clusters to separate out business units, those groupings are also present in the reporting and analysis.

SIOS iQ version 3.7 will be available on June 10.