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SIOS Announces SIOS iQ Machine Learning-Enabled Platform For VM Infrastructure Analytics

By - Source: SIOS

SIOS announced the general availability of the SIOS iQ standard edition, an IT analytics platform that uses machine learning to help gain insight into the inner workings of complex VMware deployments. SIOS iQ consolidates data streams generated by applications and virtual system components and enables administrators to optimize performance, diagnose system issues and improve the efficiency and reliability of virtualized environments.

"This extensible analytics platform delivers simple, intelligent solutions to the most pressing problems in today's complex VMware environments," said Jerry Melnick, COO, SIOS Technology Corp. "SIOS iQ brings extraordinary ease of use and time savings to tasks that have typically required multiple experts from various IT disciplines. The solution improves IT and infrastructure efficiencies, reducing costs while helping IT meet critical quality of service goals for applications operating in VMware environments."

Today's complex VM environments can lead to VM sprawl, with multiple VMs, hosts and devices producing massive amounts of data. Complex interactions between CPU, application, memory and storage, coupled with the dynamic nature of today's environments, can limit an IT staff's ability to gain insights into the deep root causes of system anomalies. Alert storms can obscure key information, leading to false positives and finger-pointing across domains.

SIOS iQ is the result of two years of R&D involving customers and SIOS analytics staff aimed at developing a holistic alternative to siloed app/compute/storage analysis tools for VM performance. The SIOS iQ machine-learning engine was designed from scratch to provide flexible, and extensible VM infrastructure analytics. SIOS iQ can detect anomalies, and can simulate the effects of system changes.

According to SIOS, the SIOS iQ platform takes 15 minutes to install. SIOS iQ features what the company refers to as SIOS PERC Dashboard. PERC stands for Performance, Efficiency, Reliability and Capacity. The SIOS PERC Dashboard features a touch-enabled interface for tablet access, color coded status indicators, and display of key information at a glance with drill down access to more detail.

The latest edition of SIOS iQ includes special analytics for Microsoft SQL Server VMware installations that can help admins diagnose database performance issues by correlating interaction between SQL and infrastructure resources. SIOS iQ's host-based caching feature can help IT organizations optimize VM storage configurations, and SIOS iQ can help identify underused and idle VMs.

The SIOS iQ roadmap outlines the company's plans to release updates at regular 4-6 week intervals. SIOS iQ is a host-based product sold as a renewable subscription. SIOS iQ subscriptions list for $150/month/host and entitle users to updates and 24x5 support.