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SIOS IQ Update Brings Best Practice And VRealize Support To VMware Analysis Tool

By - Source: SIOS

SIOS Technology Corp announced an updated release to SIOS IQ. SIOS IQ is analytics software for VMware environments that leverages machine learning to perform root cause and best practice analysis. Version 3.3 of SIOS IQ brings best practice analysis and deeper integration into vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 (vROps), and it can identify performance-affecting events directly related to moving and creating virtual machines (VMs). These updates are part of a successive release plan based on Agile methodologies to bring SIOS IQ updates more rapidly to their customers.

Although the machine learning aspects of the performance analysis work best after running for a while in the environment, the new Best Practices Analysis feature is fully operational right out of the box. VMware administrators get insights and recommendations about their environment, including how their performance and efficiency may be currently impacted by the individual resources and configuration. 

VMware vRealize is an important part of the overall virtualization platform for many organizations. By taking advantage of Event Injection, SIOS IQ gives vROps users advanced utilities to present visualized data regarding many aspects of virtual machine resource utilization, including degraded hardware and poor application performance. 

Advanced detection mechanisms in version 3.3 also make it possible to take VM events such as creation and Live Migration between hosts to be used as correlation data in root cause analysis. So, in a case where a performance issue on one VM is impacted because the host is creating several new virtual machines on the same hardware, it isn't just a hardware resource anomaly that is reported. Instead, those hardware resources are seen to be directly related to those VM operations taking place at the time. 

SIOS IQ installs on a single host, and once installed, it is able to connect to multiple data sources to aggregate performance data across the entire virtualization environment. As it runs, it learns over time about the behaviors and performance of each component, from the storage to the networking.  

As part of its Agile release plan, version 3.4 is already actively underdevelopment. Updates expected by the end of 2015 include a topology impact analysis view to the reporting dashboard, a semi-supervised learning utility for IT staff, and an even deeper reliability analysis into VMware environments by integrating with VMware High Availability (HA).