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The Sixth Flag's dewdrop.tsf Screen Watermarking Tech Thwarts Thieves

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The Sixth Flag Inc. (TSF) announced the release of dewdrop.tsf, a new screen-based watermarking technology designed to combat the intentional or accidental disclosure of sensitive data by photograph or screenshot.

TSF sells a secure, web-based, remote virtual desktop. Users are authenticated on a remote server, so credentials are never authenticated or stored on the device. Files and other data are hosted remotely, again never stored on the user's laptop, tablet or computer. Finally, all data is encrypted at rest and destroyed at the end of the session.

This solution prevents the all too common threat of data compromised by the theft of a laptop or other device, as no data is ever stored on the device beyond the session.

Even in this environment, there is still one very easy way for a user to intentionally, or unintentionally, compromise data displayed on the screen. A user taking a screen shot, or even taking a picture of the screen with a cell phone or camera would normally be an untraceable event. This is where dewdrop.tsf comes in.

Dewdrop.tsf watermarks the screen to allow identification of any picture or screen shot. CEO Pete Kofod said the company developed the watermarking solution in response to a request from an unidentified "global accounting firm that was significantly harmed by such [an] unauthorized leak."

Although most existing watermarking solutions work at the document level, dewdrop.tsf overlays a watermark on the user's entire session while a TSF session is active. The watermark is redundant and covers the entire screen, not just the application window. Thus, even if a screenshot or photograph is cropped or otherwise altered, the watermark still provides enough information to allow identification.

The watermark itself is a unique dot pattern that references session-unique data that provides a digital signature of the session in use when the picture is taken, said Shane Yocum, VP Business Development and a former FBI Security Specialist. Although users can see the watermark, they can't decipher it. An administrative look-up tool is required for decoding.

Dewdrop.tsf seeks to remove one more data attack vector for companies using TSF remote access sessions.

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