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SK Hynix DDR4 Memory Hits 128GB Mark

By - Source: Toms IT Pro

Korean semiconductor manufacturer SK Hynix, Inc., specializing in Dynamic Random Access Memory chips (DRAM), Flash memory chips (NAND Flash) and CMOS Image Sensors (CIS), has produced what is being touted as the highest density DDR4 memory module to date at 128GB. In addition to its size, the module stands out with data processing speeds of up to 17GB per second.

With the current capacity of SK Hynix DDR4 memory modules topping out at 64GB, the Korean semiconductor company is doubling their capacity thanks to an advanced 20nm process technology that can provide 30 percent higher speed, 1.9 times the density, and 25 percent less power than 28nm technology.

Thanks to TSV (Through Silicon Via) technology, the 128GB DDR4 module functions with higher bandwidth at 2133Mbps and sports 64-bit I/O and features power efficiency running at 1.2V, beating out the 1.35V of the Korean company’s existing DDR3. At a much higher density, circuit connection lengths are much shorter.

IT industry insiders are paying attention because, as enterprise computing presents more diverse workload requirements, both higher bandwidth and reduced power consumption are a must. In-memory systems with large capacity and higher reliability are needed to process increased transactions and database queries. Additionally, rising energy costs and pressure on companies to support environmental sustainability make SK Hynix’s new DDR4 module one to watch.

Senior Vice President Sung Joo Hong, the Head of DRAM Development, says of their new technology, "The development of the world’s first 128GB DDR4 module has its significance in opening ultrahigh density server market." He also noted that, "The Company will further strengthen its competitiveness in premium DRAM sphere with the development of high density, ultrahigh speed and low power consuming products."

With Samsung and Micron right behind, Gartner echoes the importance of the server DRAM market and that it will grow on average 37 percent annually until 2018 following expansion of the mobile environment.  With both mobile and enterprise server markets hungering for leaner, meaner and faster DDR memory modules, expect to hear more about increased capacity DDR4 memory modules in the months to follow.

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