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Skyera skyHawk Now Enabled for Flash-Based Backups

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Skyera has introduced a new SSD-based backup using the company's skyHawk solid state storage device (PDF product brief). The storage product hopes to fix some of the problems often found in disk-based backups by leveraging flash, as well as through the implementation of intelligent backup software and hybrid cloud storage.

The new appliance is a collaboration between Skyera, Seagate, Evault and Xyratex, each contributing a different aspect to the skyHawk. Skyera's news storage solution is based on Seagate SSDs and runs Evault backup software, which is complimented by Xyratex ClusterStor technology. Read: Top 4 Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Considerations

"While solid-state is not often thought of when talking about backup, skyHawk has the unique ability to shorten backup windows by using the power of flash to overcome random I/O workloads that typically bog down traditional disk-based systems," said Radoslav Danilak, co-founder and CEO of Skyera.

Evault and Xyratex are claiming a workaround to the problem of excessive pointers taking up processing power during full restores. Usually, pointers are created for every storage block because there is no differentiation between old and new data by the backup software. This significantly slows restores by pushing the process into a random I/O sequence.

Evault DeltaPro software takes your initial seeding and creates pointers only for new or altered data blocks; it then creates virtual "synthetic full" backups used for restore processes.

Skyera said that restoring with the skyHawk can push data at 8 TB per hour.Skyera said that restoring with the skyHawk can push data at 8 TB per hour.

Evault software also provides end-to-end data encryption; this includes during transmission. The software includes automation for deleting expired blocks, according to retention policies, as well as deleting unnecessary duplicates.

"A seamless integration between Skyera and Seagate ensures that enterprises have peace of mind that not only their business-critical information is safely stored but that it can be quickly recovered if and when the need arises," says Danilak.

The skyHawk supports up to 44TB of capacity, and provides 2.4GB/sec bandwidth and 400K IOPS. The 1U unit includes 40 x 1GbE and 3 x 10GbE connection ports, as well as 1 GbE and 1 RS-232 management ports. All in all, the Skyera skyHawk promises a restore speed of up to 8TB per hour.

The Skyera skyHawk is available now. For more information head to the product page at


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