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Skyport Announces SkySecure With Secure Hosting For VMware VCenter

By - Source: Skyport Systems

Skyport Systems announced the general availability of SkySecure. SkySecure is an on-premises secure server with a cloud-based management interface. SkySecure uses security templates that can be applied to the server in order to speed up deployments or perform customer trials. Once the security template is applied, everything on the server is encapsulated into a secure space, where everything from monitoring to system access is provided from the SkySecure application.

SkySecure Center provides IT staff with administrative tools for managing the on-premises servers. SkySecure Center also provides a full audit trail of all policies, so any changes are easy to identify, and there is visibility into all server and workload activities, so performance and monitoring is easy to access.

The SkySecure Server is the on-premises component for the secure solution. It is a trusted compute platform that takes advantage of locked down firmware, Intel Trusted Execution Technology and signed immutable images to provide a rich security feature set.

Due to the securing of the server at this foundational level, it's only natural to think of the benefits to the organization by running the virtualization platform on top of this security platform. Applications and Virtual Machines running on a SkySecure Server are protected from malware and insider tampering. By using the application-specific templates in the SkySecure Center, you can apply a VMware vCenter specific template to the SkySecure Server. 

The application-specific template for VMware vCenter includes a customized firewall that surrounds the vCenter application. This approach hardens each protocol as well as communication channels, while still providing access to the core functions that it needs, including requests to Active Directory, DNS, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Partner APIs such as those for VM backups.

During the ongoing testing of the solution and preparing it for market, application performance and reliability were tested extensively. "We set a high bar for our team on achieving general availability and first revenue shipment," said Douglas Gourlay, corporate vice president for Skyport Systems. "We concurrently ran external penetration tests against the entire system, delivered 'over the air' software and firmware updates to client systems, turned up multiple new customers and significantly exceeded our availability targets."