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SmartFlow Gives Application Developers Key Advantages Against Piracy

By - Source: Smartflow

SmartFlow Compliance Solutions has emerged from stealth with a line of products designed to promote compliance; identify and report on non-compliance and piracy; and provide actionable information to businesses, enabling them to recover lost revenue.

Software piracy for many has become something of a forgotten issue. With the transition away from installation media and towards software enforced licensing and cloud subscriptions, it's easy to turn a blind eye towards the problem or to think that it's something that used to be a real concern but has somehow been remedied. Unfortunately, software piracy continues to be a pervasive issue among several segments of users, and globally, the problem of software piracy has been estimated to account for up to $63 billion in lost revenue annually.

SmartFlow Compliance Solutions contains two distinct components that work together to combat piracy. The first part is a standard library that can be included with a custom-developed application. The SmartFlow Software Development Kit (SDK) runs alongside the application to monitor license status and maintain compliance. Once the library is included in the software, reports of the license status, IP address and even geolocation data served through the Wi-Fi network connections are reported back to help identify and confirm license validity.

The second component in the SmartFlow solution is a host-based analytics and reporting tool that gathers the data from the SDK to make the necessary analysis and piracy detection.

For companies that already have a compliance and auditing program, using SmartFlow can streamline their efforts by providing the details that they need to engage companies that are under-licensed, or not licensed at all. However, for many smaller companies, even though they know that compliance is something they should be addressing, the burden of putting together a department to handle the complaints proves to be too much. In those cases, SmartFlow provides professional services to essentially take over and be the compliance department for an organization.

For most software companies, compliance and piracy are huge issues. By bringing in the reporting, analytics, and compliance remediation services into a single program, SmartFlow expects that the recovery of discovered losses more than makes up for the cost of the compliance program itself.

“Software piracy is becoming a rampant global epidemic with significant impacts on businesses and the economy," said Ted Miracco, CEO of SmartFlow. “We've developed a turnkey solution that allows businesses to start seeing ROI immediately. Armed with SmartFlow, our clients proactively take charge of the situation by tracking down pirated versions of their software and compiling the data to take necessary action against IP theft. We streamline the compliance enforcement process, so it's simple and effective for companies to recover this valuable source of revenue, while protecting their paying customers from unfair competition."

The SmartFlow Software Development Kit, SmartFlow Professional and Smartflow Enterprise are available now.