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SnapLogic Launches Integration Cloud

By - Source: SnapLogic Press Release

Elastic Integration company SnapLogic has introduced what it calls the fastest integration platform as a service (iPaaS) thus far, the SnapLogic Integration Cloud. The solution aims to eliminate the need to choose between multiple tools for data and application integration so that companies have instant access and can stream their data regardless of size and location.

"The SnapLogic Integration Cloud instantly streams data between multiple SaaS applications such as ServiceNow, Salesforce and Workday, as well as on-premises systems like SAP and Oracle," reads the company announcement. "It also provides powerful data integration for business analytics solutions such as Amazon Redshift and Tableau."

The new Integration Cloud consists of a "true" multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) Designer, Manager and Dashboard that runs in the public cloud and eliminates the need for software, hardware and versioning. The solution also includes an elastic execution network, called Snaplex, that can run in the cloud and behind the firewall. There are also over 160 pre-built connectors, called Snaps, that are available on the SnapStore, an SDK for custom development of Snaps, and a RESTful API to embed Snaps.

According to the announcement, SnapLogic built the Designer, Manager and Dashboard for the "citizen developer"; they're HTML5-based for native mobile access and monitoring. Designer users can easily choose from a library of pre-built Snaps and quickly create and manage designs in a drag-and-drop user interface. The new Winter 2013 update slated for a late October release includes support for nested data and process flows, and one-click copy and paste.

Data is streamed between applications, databases, files, social and big data sources via the Snaplex, what SnapLogic calls the industry's first self-upgrading execution network. Snaplex elastically manages integration capacity planning and is built to handle data and process-centric integration requirements. Businesses can scale out in the cloud when using Salesforce, NetSuite and Concur, run behind a firewall for hybrid deployments, and scale up and down based on the volume of data being processed.

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud Winter 2014 release will provide multi-zone disaster recovery that takes advantage of Amazon Web Services' disaster recovery, and parent/child org support so that enterprise IT can delegate privileges and enable self-service. This release will also provide guaranteed message delivery for business applications and analytical systems.

"With the SnapLogic Integration Cloud Winter 2014 release, new and enhanced Snaps are available for Amazon Redshift, MongoDB, NetSuite, Qualys, ServiceNow, Tableau, Workday, and Zuora," reads the company announcement. "There are now over 160 pre-built Snaps on the company's SnapStore that cover everything from analytics and big data sources to identity management, social media, online storage, ERP, database, and technologies such as XML, JSON, Oauth, SOAP and REST."

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud is now open for business, and the Winter 2013 updates will become available by the end of the month. Customers and partners can also build their own Snaps using the Java-based Snap SDK and publish them publicly or privately.


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